The Tomorrow People

Episode 1.01 : Pilot

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 09, 2013




Drama, Sci-Fi

Show Period

2013 - 2014

Production Company

Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Danny Cannon


Phil Klemmer

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jeffrey Pierce


When Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell) begins hearing voices and waking up in strange places, he starts to question his sanity. In desperation, Stephen decides to listen to one of the voices in his head, and it leads him to his first encounter with the Tomorrow People - John (Luke Mitchell), Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) - a genetically advanced race with the abilities of telekinesis, teleportation and telepathic communication. The Tomorrow People inform him that they are being hunted down by a paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra, led by Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino). Meanwhile, Stephen gets another surprise that leads him down his own path, which he hopes will help him uncover the truth about his father's (guest star Jeffrey Pierce, "Alcatraz") mysterious disappearance.

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