Switched at Birth

Episode 1.30 : Street Noises Invade the House

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Episode Premiere

October 22, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

ABC Studios

Cast and Crew


Steve Miner


Lizzy Weiss

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John and Kathryn try to get Bay to come home just before she and Zarra escape the trailer park when Smak comes after them. Meanwhile, Daphne is confronted by the owner of Maize about her potentially inappropriate relationship with Chef Jeff, so she opens up to Regina about their romance.

Bay runs away with Zarra to Mexico, but Emmett realizes what she is doing and tells the Kennishes before she gets too far. The trial continues in full force, but John and Emmett rush to stop Bay. When they find her, John convinces Bay to stay, but Zarra steals Bay's money and slips away to Mexico. Daphne quits her job, but Jeff tells her that her actions are only making matters worse. And when Angelo learns about their relationship, he marches into Jeff's kitchen and punches him.

Back at the trial, the court awards Angelo five million dollars in the hearing, and the Kennishes win one dollar. Regina realizes she's married to Angelo, so half that money is hers. Afterward, a pregnant woman comes into the court house looking for Angelo.

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