Switched at Birth

Episode 1.25 : The Shock of Being Seen

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Episode Premiere

September 17, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

ABC Studios

Cast and Crew


Steve Miner


Joy Gregory, Becky Hartman Edwards

Main Cast

Additional Cast


At work, Daphne tries a sexier look to attract the attention of her boss, Chef Jeff. Meanwhile, Bay meets a group of questionable young street artists before learning that she is on academic probation. Trying to make himself useful, Angelo helps Bay with some of her homework. In an attempt to get closer with Bay, Angelo also lets her use him as an alibi to meet up with her new street artist friends. Bay secretly tags Kennish Car Wash to prove herself to her new street artist friends. When John realizes Bay lied to him, he tells Angelo he needs to be a parent.

Kathryn and Regina do a TV interview about Kathryn's new book, but the reporter makes Regina out to look like a hero, and Kathryn a spoiled rich wife. Later, Regina, Kathryn and Melody dine at Daphne's restaurant and all take a liking to Chef Jeff. Emmett is happy for his mom when he spots Jeff leaving Melody's house--little does he know that Jeff is also Daphne's unrequited crush. When John discovers Bay's piece at the car wash, he is livid and makes her paint over it, not realizing that she is one who actually painted it.

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