Switched at Birth

Episode 1.08 : Pandora's Box

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Episode Premiere

July 25, 2011


ABC Family


Drama, Family

Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

ABC Studios

Cast and Crew


Elodie Keene


Becky Hartman Edwards, Lizzy Weiss

Main Cast


Daphne discovers Regina's guitar case full of pictures of Bay. Regina admits to Daphne that she knew about the switch since Daphne was three years old. Daphne turns to Wilke to escape this new turn of events. Meanwhile Bay and Emmett's relationship gets even more serious. But just when Bay thinks her relationship with Emmett is great he goes to rescue Daphne from Wilke. Later, Daphne tells Emmett that Regina knew about the switch.

The Kennish's lawyer prepares John and Kathryn for their trial by dredging up old family secrets. Elsewhere, Regina tries to contact her private investigator to find out who he told about the switch. Regina tries to get rid of the guitar case but can't part with it. Later, during the legal meetings there is evidence that Regina knew about the switch for awhile.

Regina reveals to the Kennish family and Daphne that she found out about the switch right after Angelo left her and Daphne. Everyone is in shock, no one more so than Daphne who doesn't know who to trust anymore. Bay is just as hurt knowing her biological mom never fought for her. Bay turns to Emmett for comfort, and Regina leaves the Kennish house.

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