Episode 4.10 : This Is Rome

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 20, 2014


USA Network



Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions, Hypnotic

Cast and Crew


Roger Kumble


Chris Downey

Main Cast


Facing the harsh reality of the brutal job market, Louis vows to fight Jessica for the right to keep his clients. Unfortunately, the very by-laws he crafted for the firm stand in his way.

Elsewhere, Mike looks for a way around a law that may force the firm to drop one of their big clients, while Jessica gives Katrina a second chance despite her knowledge of Louis's illegal activity.

At the same time, Donna convinces Harvey to pull strings to get Louis a job interview in Boston, so that the lovelorn attorney can try to reconnect with Sheila Sazs. But despite Louis and Sheila's feelings for one another, the problems stacked against them are greater than mere proximity, and when all is said and done, Louis is laid even lower than before.

Meanwhile, Louis's suffering moves Mike to ask Robert Zane to consider hiring the former Pearson Specter Senior Partner. But while Rachel commends Mike's effort, she knows her father is going to want something in return. Little do they realize that the something he wants has a lot to do with the big client Mike is trying to keep in house, or that Mike's generosity may lead to an even bigger problem...

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