Stargate Universe

Episode 1.05 : Light

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Episode Premiere

October 23, 2009





Show Period

2009 - 2011

Production Company

MGM Worldwide Television

Cast and Crew


Peter DeLuise


Brad Wright

Main Cast


The Destiny is still without power and an attempt to alter their collision course with a star has failed. The situation is now critical. A plan is conceived to abandon ship using the last working shuttle, with the hope that one of three planets in close proximity will be habitable. Although this strategy initially raises the crew's spirits, the positivity is cut short when Col. Young announces there is only room for seventeen people aboard the shuttle, and that a lottery will be held to determine who goes and who stays. Stunned by the implication of this news, everyone considers their fate. Some, including Dr. Nicholas Rush and Col. Young, opt to stay on board. Others, determined to survive, vie for a seat on the departing shuttlecraft.

In the short time that remains, alliances are forged and others damaged while Eli tries to create a message in a bottle with the aid of a Kino. But, unbeknownst to all, forces are at work that no one could have foreseen.

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