Episode 1.08 : Kuji

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Episode Premiere

August 03, 2013




Adventure, Drama

Show Period

2013 - 2013

Production Company

Impossible Pictures

Cast and Crew


Colin Teague


Jack Thorne

Main Cast

  • Elliot Knight
  • Naveen Andrews as Lord Akbari
  • Dimitri Leonidas
  • Marama Corlett
  • Elliot Cowan
  • Estella Daniels
  • Orla Brady


Anwar finds a mysterious, golden box, which dissolves to reveal Kuji, a teenager who claims she's a God. The crew are annoyed to have wasted their time on a lying girl, but Anwar is attracted to her. He confides his fear that he doesn't belong as he's not brave like the others so wants to go home.

The gang are unnerved to find signs of an intruder then hear war-like drumming before finding slaughtered travellers. Suddenly, an army appears. Their leader, Uncas, claims that Kujibelongs to his people; although Kuji says she can't remember him. Uncas gives them until sunrise to return her. The crew decide to use Kuji as bait then ambush Uncas and his army. Unhappy with putting Kuji in danger, Anwar runs away with Kuji in the night. They are surrounded by Uncas and his army, but the crew come to stand with Anwar, who is touched by their support. Rina asks Kuji for help, but she claims she is neither a fighting god nor a healing god. The gang are all killed, except for Anwar and Kuji.

Kuji urges Anwar to save himself and swim to the Providence whilst she holds the army off, but Anwar refuses. Kuji smiles and tells him he has proved his bravery and that he belongs in the crew. She makes Uncas and the troops disappear. She tells Anwar he would have left Sinbad today, but Sinbad needs him for a journey ahead. She was sent to convince him that he is as brave and important as the others. Kuji's mission complete, she revives Anwar's friends, but must leave, never to be seen again. Kuji disappears into the sea. Anwar proudly tells his confused friends that he defeated the army and made a goddess fall in love with him.

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