Shake It Up

Episode 1.16 : Sweat It Up

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Episode Premiere

May 01, 2011


Disney Channel



Show Period

2010 - 2013

Production Company

It's a Laugh Productions, Inc.

Cast and Crew


Joel Zwick


David Tolentino

Main Cast


CeCe fakes a leg injury in order to avoid participating in gym class. Rocky lies and says that she is having both her appendix removed to avoid laser tag with the nerds. When the two are caught dancing salsa on "Shake It Up Chicago", CeCe is told by Coach Lessor that she has to attend summer school, and Rocky is unaccepted from the nerds' social group. However, when CeCe's mother comes for a private conference with the coach and CeCe, they both express interest in each other and start dating. CeCe takes this as a sign that she won't have to participate in gym class anymore, until her mom and Coach Lessor break up too soon, and she is forced off the bench to be physically tested. Meanwhile, Flynn, Deuce, and Ty take care of a neighbor's dog, but the dog proves to be difficult.

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