Saving Hope

Episode 2.11 : En Bloc

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Episode Premiere

January 09, 2014





Show Period

2012 - now

Production Company

Entertainment One Television, Ilana C Frank Films

Cast and Crew


Gregory Smith


Morwyn Brebner, Adam Pettle

Main Cast


A young boy and his father have driven all the way from Winnipeg to Hope Zion to ask Alex (Erica Durance) to operate on the boy's extremely advanced and highly malignant tumour. Alex is determined to help them, but the other surgeons are hesitant to perform such a dangerous and seemingly unrealistic operation. Alex is unwilling to give up, and rallies the troops to attempt the impossible.

While Alex focuses on her surgery, Charlie (Michael Shanks) is distracted by the spirit of Alex's brother, Luke (guest star Tyler Hynes), who can't move on until she lets go of him - and Charlie lets go of Alex.

Meanwhile, Joel (Daniel Gillies) struggles with the many challenges of being Chief of Surgery - and between fighting with Shahir (Huse Madhavji) over a controversial Parkinson's study, trying to keep the budget in check, and arguing with Alex over her dangerous surgery, he has his hands full.

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