Saving Hope

Episode 2.06 : All Things Must Pass

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Episode Premiere

July 30, 2013





Show Period

2012 - now

Production Company

Entertainment One Television, Ilana C Frank Films

Cast and Crew


Jeff Woolnough


John Callaghan

Main Cast


Alex takes the stand at Hope-Z's Morbidity and Mortality Rounds when it looks like she's at fault for the tragic death of a young fireman at a hospital fundraiser. Through a series of flashbacks where more about the case is revealed, the blame shifts from doctor to doctor.

The M&Ms are meant to be a learning tool for everyone, but Alex, Reycraft, and Maggie know that it's more than that - it's assigning blame to who was at fault, in a surgery that cost a man his life.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Zach treat a soon-to-be Nun with an ankle fracture that turns serious when they stumble upon a potentially fatal allergy. While near-death, the Nun sees Charlie and finally gets the sign from above she was looking for.

A busy Joel struggles to balance his workload as Chief with his growing commitment to Sonja and must decide if he's ready to step up to the plate.

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