Episode 2.03 : Eulogy

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Episode Premiere

October 23, 2009




Sci-Fi, Crime, Mystery

Show Period

2008 - 2012

Production Company

Sanctuary 1 Productions

Cast and Crew


Brenton Spencer


Sara B. Cooper

Main Cast


Dr. Helen Magnus and the team are still recuperating from the Cabal attacks that devastatingly took down so many Sanctuaries around the world.

Magnus and Druitt struggle to come to terms with the apparent death of their only daughter, Ashley. Druitt seeks revenge on her captor, the Cabal. Magnus, however, clings to the faint hope that Ashley could somehow still be alive. While Druitt leaves to exact his bloody revenge, Magnus takes a quiet, methodical approach to prove that Ashley is alive.

Meanwhile, Will, Henry, and Bigfoot take on the daunting task of organizing and processing the hundreds of Abnormals who survived the worldwide attacks, but now seek refuge at their Sanctuary.

Kate, not quite ready to give up her life as a petty thief and swindler, makes a bold move to cash in on a rare Abnormal species that has been delivered to the Sanctuary. With a quick phone call, she's worked up a deal, certain to catch a hefty sum. But as she prepares to capture her "windfall," the Abnormal escapes, sending her, along with an unimpressed Henry, on an adventurous hunt through the city for the runaway.

With all the chaos around them, the Sanctuary team must come to terms with how to rebuild after the Cabal's attacks.

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