Episode 1.01 : Sanctuary For All (1)

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 03, 2008




Sci-Fi, Crime, Mystery

Show Period

2008 - 2012

Production Company

Sanctuary 1 Productions

Cast and Crew


Martin Wood


Damian Kindler, Sam Egan

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Kandyse McClure
  • Kavan Smith
  • Michael Adamthwaite


Forensic psychiatrist Will Zimmerman investigates a disturbing case in which two officers from his precinct are killed. Although they have a suspect in custody and the case is considered closed, something doesn't add up for Zimmerman, who takes it upon himself to investigate further and follow his instincts.

While at the crime scene, he sees a young boy leaving the building in a rather unusual way. Will follows him through an alley, but his pursuit is abruptly halted when he is struck by a car, landing him in the hospital with an aching body and more questions than answers.

Later that night, he is caught off guard by Dr. Helen Magnus who approaches him as he's leaving the hospital. In the dark, pouring rain, she gets his attention by revealing that she too was pursuing the boy, and was in the car that struck him. She invites him to come to a place called the Sanctuary where she can tell him more and open his eyes to a world he's never understood. Unconvinced and exhausted, Will declines her offer, but pockets her business card, which cryptically reads "Sanctuary for all".

A long night turns longer for Will when he arrives home to find his ex-girlfriend Meg packing up the last of her things. In a "what have I got to lose?" moment, Will decides to visit the Sanctuary.

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