Samurai Girl

Episode 1.04 : Book of the Heart: Part 2

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 06, 2008


ABC Family


Action, Drama

Show Period

2008 - 2008

Production Company

ABC, Alloy, Samurai Girl Prod.

Cast and Crew


Christopher Leitch


Luke McMullen, Mimi Won Techentin

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Anthony Wong
  • Saige Thompson


On the way back from Hiko's funeral, Sato tells Tasuke that her daughter was a spy and were heading to an unknown location when Jake rescues her and takes her back to the hotel to retrieve the sword. To avoid being seen by her father, Heaven and Jake share a long kiss. They, When they finally get back to Jake's loft, they both find that Karen, who is Jake's ex-fiancée, has returned to the house. Heaven feels furious that Jake has a fiancée after they just shared their first kiss. After Severin reviews the text, he hands it to a former professor to have it translated who tells her that a secret decoder written on a series of bones sits at the Japanese consulate. So Heaven, Severin and Cheryl head over to retrieve the bones.

After retrieving the bones, they discover that a piece of the prophecy is within the Sierra Nevada mountains. So Heaven and Severin set out to get that piece. Jake joins them but they discover that Sato and his men have set out on the trail, so they climb up the face of Mount Kyra. While Dr. Fleming examines the artifacts, Karen sneaks into his office and kills him. Meanwhile, two of the Carabiners break free pulling Jake and Severin down. Severin tells Heaven to cut one of them loose or lose both of them.

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