Samurai Girl

Episode 1.03 : Book of the Heart: Part 1

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 06, 2008


ABC Family


Action, Drama

Show Period

2008 - 2008

Production Company

ABC, Alloy, Samurai Girl Prod.

Cast and Crew


Pat Williams


Luke McMullen, Meredith Averill

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Linda Ko
  • Zen Shane Lim


Heaven is set to return home, Severin warns her that her father is a dangerous man. But she is still convinced that her father is innocent. Then Severin tells her that her father had murdered Teddy's father, Yuji Yukimura. She returns home and discovers that she is a part of an ancient prophecy. With the help of Severin, Cheryl, and Otto, Heaven sneaks into her father's office and steals the documents about the prophecy. After a meeting with Heaven's father, Teddy tells Heaven about the prophecy while he is preparing to leave.

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