Episode 1.07 : Our Own Private America

Salem Poster

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Episode Premiere

June 01, 2014


WGN America


Horror, Supernatural

Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Fox 21, Prospect Park

Cast and Crew


David Von Ancken


Adam Simon, Brannon Braga

Main Cast


When a shakeup within the coven leaves Mary with more power than ever, she hatches her most nefarious plan yet to bring the witches closer to achieving the Grand Rite. Alden and Cotton, reeling from the aftermath of their interrogation, question the efficacy of the trials while Cotton is left to wonder if his life's work has amounted to anything. Alden finds himself weaker by the day - a victim of a dream spell that Mary uses to search Alden's subconscious to locate the Malum - and work out her sexual frustration in the process. Meanwhile, with Mary's attentions increasingly focused on her old flame Alden and her new pupil Mercy, tension escalates between Mary and Tituba. Elsewhere, Anne makes an eerie discovery about her father's activities. When Cotton's father Increase Mather makes an unanticipated entrance, Salem and its coven faces the arrival of the most feared witch hunter.

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