Rules of Engagement

Episode 7.04 : Cupcake

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 25, 2013




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2013

Production Company

Bobby Weisman Caterers, Happy Madison, Sony

Cast and Crew


Ted Wass


Vanessa McCarthy

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Gail O'Grady
  • Michael Mantell
  • Chip Chinery
  • Rosalie McIntire
  • David Wurmlinger


Despite Audrey wanting Jeff to be healthier for the sake of their future child, he accidentally eats a pot-laced cupcake and thinks he is having a heart attack when it turns out to just be indigestion. Jeff actually suffers a minor heart attack later on and rubs it in Audrey's face for not believing it was more than indigestion. When she gets upset that he is more concerned about being right than eating right, he makes an effort to change his unhealthy ways. Russell forces Timmy to be his wingman when his date brings along her mother who is visiting. When Timmy ends up sleeping with her, Russell is baffled and decides to try and score with her the following night but is quickly shot down. Adam and Jen eat pot cupcakes to enhance their viewing of the meteor shower but miss the event when they become transfixed by watching C-Span instead.

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