Rules of Engagement

Episode 6.11 : Missed Connection

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 19, 2012




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2013

Production Company

Bobby Weisman Caterers, Happy Madison, Sony

Cast and Crew


Ted Wass


Vanessa McCarthy

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Christina Moore
  • John Ducey
  • Chasty Ballesteros
  • Bruno Amato


Timmy is determined to reconnect with a woman he shared a romantic moment with on the subway using a web site for finding missed connections. Russell decides to help, determined to prove there is no such thing as true love. Eventually the woman finds him from his posting but to Timmy's dismay, it turns out she was having a romantic moment with the man standing behind him. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey each blame the other when a couple in the building snubs them after they go out. The couple tells each of them it was the other they did not like, so Jeff and Audrey go over to their apartment to find out the truth and it turns out they hated both of them. In addition, Adam gives Jen a huge tin of popcorn for their anniversary and he ends up using the empty can in a drum circle of kids on the subway platform. The next day the kids aren't there and he uses the missed connections web site to try and locate them. However, his posting is misunderstood and More...he is arrested for solicitation.

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