Rules of Engagement

Episode 5.08 : Les-bro

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Episode Premiere

November 08, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2013

Production Company

Bobby Weisman Caterers, Happy Madison, Sony

Cast and Crew


Ted Wass


Gloria Calderon Kellett

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Jeff and Audrey continue to search for a surrogate. After Jeff blows a few interviews for them, Audrey is at her wit's end. However, Jeff is completely distracted with his Softball team's MVP banquet that same evening and his lack of focus on the surrogate issue is making Audrey even more upset. After confiding her frustrations with Jeff's lesbian team-mate Brenda at the banquet, the couple is thrilled when Brenda offers to be their surrogate. Meanwhile, Russell's mother Bunny Dunbar comes to town to visit. Russell is excited by all the extravagant gifts she gives him but Timmy is not impressed. He points out that this is her substitute for love and affection and it is time that Russell confront his mother and seek out more from their relationship. At dinner, Russell storms out after Bunny gives him an expensive watch that is too big. After Timmy explains to Bunny why Russell is upset, Bunny makes a drastic decision to help Russell grow up- she has decided to cut him off from his trust fund.

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