Rules of Engagement

Episode 3.08 : Twice

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 27, 2009




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2013

Production Company

Bobby Weisman Caterers, Happy Madison, Sony

Cast and Crew


Ken Whittingham


Vanessa McCarthy

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Beth Littleford
  • Susan Yeagley
  • Melanie Paxson
  • Jack Thomas


Frustrated by her colleagues constantly fawning over their newly pregnant co-worker, Audrey declares that "she's not the only person in the world who's pregnant." Misunderstanding this, her colleagues assume that she is talking about herself and they start giving her the royal treatment as well. In order to cover her lie Audrey tries to get pregnant quick, and she and Jeff have sex twice in one night. Very proud of this achievement and unaware that Audrey is lying about being pregnant, Jeff shows up at her office to surprise her with flowers and lunch. At the office he receives several compliments that he assumes are about his performance, and while he is shocked that Audrey shared so much about their personal lives, he revels in the attention. However, he quickly discovers Audrey's secret, and insists that he will have no part in creating a "spite baby." Meanwhile, Adam and Jennifer host a young Amish man on his Rumpspringa, a right of passage where the Amish leave their families to experience the modern world, and Russell steps in to show him the ropes.

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