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Episode 1.09 : 50 Ways to Heave Your Mother

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September 15, 2009


ABC Family



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2009 - 2009

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ABC Studios

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When Patrick and David's mom, Shirley, pays a surprise visit, she puts everybody on edge... and she doesn't exactly give Ruby the warmest welcome. But Ruby's determined to make Grandma -- er, Mrs. Gallagher -- like her.

First, Ruby rooms with shirley in hopes that they can do some serious bonding. That plan goes awry when the "jet lag" pills David gives Shirley kick in and she almost falls out the window. Ruby grabs her just in time but, instead of thanking Ruby for saving her, Shirley thinks Ruby's trying to push her out the window.

Next, Ruby gets Shirley's favorite recipes from David and cooks a special dinner for the whole family. The night turns into a flasco when Shirley has an allergic reaction and they have to call an ambulance. Turns out David gave Ruby HIS favorite recipes. (Who knew Grandma was allergic to wheat?)

Ruby finally admits defeat and moves into a tent in the backyard. It's pretty cozy, actually -- especially after Audie, Jordan, Ben, and Patrick move in with her. Seems no one wants to be alone in the house with Shirley, particularly when she wants a foot rub.

Shirley's just beginning to wonder where everyone is when David shows up and sees everybody having fun in the tent. Shirley marches outside, but before she can get too deep into a tiracle, Patrick finally stands up to her. He tells her that if she doesn't treat Ruby like family, she can leave.

That's when Shirley reveals she's hurt that no one bothered to tell her she had a granddaughter. (She found out when Ruby answered the phone one day.) Ruby says it must have made her feel like an outsider in her own family -- kind of like the way she's making Ruby feel.


With that realization, Shirley softens up and gives Ruby a hug. She even lets her call her Grandma.

There's just one thing left to do, and that's follow David's advice: "Come on, get happy." Where have we heard that before?

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