Ruby & the Rockits

Episode 1.06 : Hot for Spanish Teacher

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Episode Premiere

August 25, 2009


ABC Family



Show Period

2009 - 2009

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ABC Studios

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David takes a keen interest in Parents Night at Ruby's school. Actually, he takes a keen interest in Ruby's hot Spanish teacher, Miss Vasquez. He ends up asking her out, much to Ruby's dismay.

Ruby doesn't want Miss Vasquez to be another one of David's consequests, so she asks him to cancel the date. He agrees. He lies.

Taking matters into her own hands, Ruby sabotages their date and pleads with Miss Vasquez to break things off before they go too far.

Meanwhile, Ben and Jordan are busy little entrepreneurs, selling tours of "The House of a Former Rockit." Business is great too -- although Patrick's beginning to wonder where all his belts have gone. (They make great souvernirs for the tourists.)

Ruby goes to comfort her dad, knowing that Miss Vasquez has broken up with him in a voicemail. Unfortunately, David doesn't listen to his own voicemail -- one of the perks of being a former pop star -- so Ruby has to break the news to him. He takes it well. Sort of.

Ruby tells Patrick and Audie how she sabotaged David's date, and they're shocked. But not as shocked as they are when they come home for a little afternoon romance and find a bunch of a strangers in their kitchen. Needless to say, Ben and Jordan are out of the tour business.

In the end, Ruby tells David he has to believe he'll find true love someday. Luckily, he already has -- in Ruby.

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