Royal Pains

Episode 5.10 : Game of Phones

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Episode Premiere

August 21, 2013


USA Network



Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Prospect Park, Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Matthew Penn


Carol Flint, Jon Sherman

Main Cast


Hank, still experiencing pain but unable to convince Jeremiah to refill his prescription, heads to a pain clinic in hopes they can alleviate what's ailing him.

It's Evan's birthday, and Paige is planning a big surprise for him despite her being swamped with work all weekend. Evan has promised not to snoop, but thinks he's figured it out when Divya invites everyone to come with her to Italy to meet her mother's new boyfriend. Divya plans to use the occasion to break the news of her pregnancy in person. Not until Evan finds himself in the middle of Tuscany does he realize what a big mistake he's made.

Hank checks in on Don after the police officer misses an MRI appointment. Don is desperately trying to track down Molly, who can't be found. A clue from Hank leads them to a dilapidated house in the North Fork. They find Molly in pain, which causes Hank to give her one of his pain pills. And the physical stress of getting her to a hospital only proves to aggravate Don's illness, putting both father and daughter in grave condition.

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