Royal Pains

Episode 1.03 : Strategic Planning

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Episode Premiere

June 18, 2009


USA Network



Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Prospect Park, Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Jace Alexander


Andrew Lenchewski

Main Cast


Now that Hank is a doctor on demand in the Hamptons, Evan wants a guerrilla marketing plan to spread the word about "HankMed." However, Hank soon realizes that the plan is more about Evan meeting women than establishing any viable contacts. When Hank gets a call to come to the aid of a senator's son, that's all the more reason not to be a part of Evan's scheme. His medical service is marketing itself-or is it?

The senator's son, Kendrick Everett, is on track to be Notre Dame's starting quarterback in the fall. Hank performs a routine physical examination and the young athlete passes with flying colors. However, Kendrick falls ill the next day. By the time Hank arrives, Kendrick complains of blurred vision and tingling in his legs before fainting into Hank's arms.

Hank and Divya spring into action to determine what's wrong but without an MRI, they won't be able to make a conclusive evaluation. Since Kendrick's mother Lucy will not allow her son to be taken to hospital, Hank and Divya must figure out how to find a mobile MRI unit before it's too late. Hank is hoping that Jill Flint, the hospital administrator he recently met, will do him a favor just this once.

Meanwhile, Evan is putting his own plan into action by paying Mrs. "Newparts" Newberg a visit. He's pleasantly surprised to find that not only is Mrs. Newberg amenable to his proposal, but also that she has a beautiful twenty-two-year-old granddaughter. Maybe he can prove to Hank that his guerrilla marketing plan isn't so outrageous after all.

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