Episode 1.07 : The Uninvited Thom

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April 27, 2009


ABC Family



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2009 - 2009

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Katie drops in to the coffee shop to see Hope, whose jerk of a boss is on her case as always. Katie tells her to stand up for herself and stop taking his crap, so she does: Hope stuff the manager's face into a giant cake and quits! But the next morning, she's already regretful, especially because even Mark's got himself a new job: He's temping for a new media bigwig. With a little needling from Katie, the two girls convince him to try to talk the boss guy, David Schick, into giving Hope a job.

At Mark's first day, David says he's thinking about hiring a permanent gig, he graciously suggests David to meet her -- back at the apartment that evening! But, uh, David also mentions he may be looking for a little play in addition to the assistant scouting. So is it a job interview or a booty call?

But when Mark reveals this fact to Hope and Katie, the girls don't seem too shocked, or even to mind. Hope claims she may try to use that to her advantage. Let's just hope Hope doesn't come on too strong.

When David shows up, not only is Hope having a hard time playing it cool, but David starts gravitating more toward Katie. Hope freaks out, pulls Marks into the next room, and starts crying uncontrollably. Can't blame a girl -- she needs a job! Hope tries to pull herself together for David, but he's really more into someone who's "real" and "down-to-earth" and not into wanting something from him... he's into someone like Katie.

Meanwhile, Thorn is watching all this and freaking out, because he doesn't want David to get interested in Hope romantically. Remember, Thorn has a major crush on HER. But no worries, dude.

Turns out Katie's playing "hard to get" (aka, really not interested) really turns David on. But when he tries to proposition her to go somewhere quieter, Mark jumps to her defense and pretends to be her boyfriend. Despite his intense emotional speech proclaiming his love for her (Katie thinks he's acting, but, uh, he's not), David doesn't buy it. He not only calls Mark out on being in love with her but also tries to make a further paly for her by offering her the job as his assistant. she takes it, mainly because of the stellar salary, but warns David not to hit on her. Wonder how that'll work out?

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