Episode 2.07 : Weird as You

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 31, 2014





Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Gran Via Prod.

Cast and Crew


Sanaa Hamri


Coleman Herbert

Main Cast

  • Aden Young
  • Abigail Spencer as Amantha Holden
  • Adelaide Clemens
  • Clayne Crawford
  • Bruce McKinnon
  • J. Smith Cameron
  • Jake Austin Walker
  • Luke Kirby


In a dream, Daniel stands in the forest and watches a scene unfold around a campfire. He's joined by Trey and George.

Daniel borrows Jared's bike from the garage and rides off.

At home, Teddy asks Tawney if she's still mad at him for announcing the pregnancy to the family. He kisses her and shares his excitement for the baby. She kisses him back.

Daniel shows up on Trey's doorstep and tells Trey he has no hard feelings. Trey invites him inside.

Daniel asks Trey if he still talks to George. Trey says he hasn't seen George in a couple of years then suggests they drive down to Florida to visit him. He then says it was George, not him, who implicated Daniel for Hanna's murder.

Trey goes to his shed, retrieves George's phone, keys and gun, and puts them in his duffel bag.

At Thrifty Town, Amantha grows impatient with a customer and snaps. Wynn glares at her.

On the road to Florida, Trey tells Daniel about a dream he once had. He then says it's a waste of time to find meaning in dreams - or anything. "So life's meaningless?" Daniel asks. Trey accuses him of twisting his words.

In the Thrifty Town parking lot, Amantha tells Alisha, her co-worker, that Wynn is mad at her. Alisha hands her a blunt. They giggle as Amantha inhales and coughs.

Amantha takes Alisha on a tour of the tire shop and raids the vending machine after getting the key from Teddy, who is amused by Amantha's lighthearted mood.

D.A. Person meets with Jon to offer a plea deal of time served plus 10 years. Jon refuses to let Daniel serve more time and points out that DNA evidence would be on their side in a trial. D.A. Person holds her ground, saying she wants to end it "quickly and quietly."

Trey and Daniel arrive at George's empty trailer. Trey opens the back door with George's keys and offers Daniel some pills and liquor that he finds inside. "Like old times," he says.

Jon tells Amantha about the plea deal. "They're offering a way out," she realizes. "They don't think they can win."

Carl and Sen. Foulkes visit Teddy at the shop to convince him to press charges against Daniel. Teddy refuses then says he made up the assault.

Despite Carl's reluctance, Sen. Foulkes privately suggests they tell Ted Sr. about the assault.

In George's trailer, Trey revisits the night of Hanna's murder. Daniel says he doesn't remember raping her. "You didn't even screw her, bud, you couldn't get it up," Trey says, revealing that he and George watched Daniel flee after he failed to have sex with Hanna. Trey goes on to reveal that he and George had sex with Hanna after Daniel left and guesses that Daniel killed Hanna immediately after. Daniel angrily wrestles him to the ground. "I know you," Trey says. "Now you know you, if you ever really forgot."

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