Raising the Bar

Episode 2.08 : Trust Me

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Episode Premiere

July 27, 2009





Show Period

2008 - 2009

Production Company

Steven Bochco Prod.

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Main Cast


Bobbi defends a confidential informant demanding a separate trial from his co-defendent, who could have him killed if word gets out about his cooperation with the police. But taking her cue from Balco, Michelle works behind the scenes with Marcus to screw Bobbi's client by giving the co-defendent a plea agreement. Jerry, however, figures out he can fix Bobbi's case, but he neglects to ask her about it first. Meanwhile, when one of Richard's clients is hit with a damages claim for more money than the client could hope to pay, Richard finds his inner hero by figuring out a way to help her without spending a dime of his own money, but he does use his family name as bargaining power.

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