Episode 1.02 : All About Honesty

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Episode Premiere

September 16, 2008




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2008 - 2009

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Michael Engler


Rina Mimoun

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Megan (JoAnna Garcia) is thrilled when Laurel (Anne Archer) invites her to a glamorous Palm Beach social event and introduces her to several influential people. When Laurel points out a young woman who is inappropriately dressed, Megan is shocked to realize it's her sister Lily (Kristina Apgar), and lies to Laurel about knowing her. Later, when Lily connects with Will (Brian Hallisay) and she and Megan get into a loud, public argument, Laurel realizes that Megan lied to her about knowing Lily. Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) is devastated that her ex-boyfirend, Max (guest star Andrew J. West) is at the party with another girl, and Megan and Sage (Ashley Newbrough) argue over how to help Rose deal with the situation. Finally, Megan offers help the daughter of one of Laurel's important business contacts with her application to Yale, but has to leave the girl hanging to rescue Rose and Sage from being arrested for driving without a license.

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