Orange Is the New Black

Episode 1.01 : I Wasn't Ready

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Episode Premiere

July 11, 2013




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2013 - Now

Production Company

Lionsgate TV

Cast and Crew


Michael Trim


Liz Friedman, Jenji Kohan

Main Cast


Sentenced to fifteen months for a crime committed ten years earlier, Piper Chapman leaves her supportive fiancé Larry for her new home: a women's prison. Her supervisor, Sam Healy sympathizes with her and tries to gently give her tips to survive. She grapples with the racial dynamics of prison life and learns some of the rules. Unfortunately, she offends Red, the powerful matriarch of the prison kitchen, who responds by serving Piper a bloody tampon and subsequently starving her. Piper is then shocked to discover that Alex Vause, her former lover (who recruited her into carrying drug money) is in the same prison. Flashbacks depict the particulars of Piper's crime, Piper telling her family about her crime, and Larry's marriage proposal. Daya Diaz, another inmate, is greeted by her mother, who is also incarcerated, with a slap to the face.

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