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Episode 1.12 : Hold on Tight

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Episode Premiere

March 30, 2011





Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Shondaland Productions, ABC Studios

Cast and Crew


Jeff Bleckner


Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts

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Additional Cast


Pher is still hanging around the clinic. He's also hanging all over Mina. Tommy thinks they have nothing in common but sex. Oh, and the guy also makes good omelets. After a hearty breakfast, Mina examines Ryan to discover an infection has made its way into her heart. When Ryan starts crashing, Mina runs pulses of electric current into her body to maintain a heartbeat. Yeah, it's just as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Mina does a quick operation on a young girl's toy doll to swipe the 9-volt battery she needs for an ancient pacemaker. When Zee can't thread the line into the ventricle, Mina takes over as Ryan flatlines. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Ryan's heart starts. She's out of the woods for now.

Ryan will need future treatment, but she knows Ben won't be able to do provide it objectively. She signs over power of attorney privileges to Mina who will now make all medical decisions. As you can imagine, Ben freaks. He tries to strong-arm Mina, but she holds her ground. When Ryan wakes up, she tells Ben the reason she gave someone else control of her fate is because he has trouble letting go. She says, “I love you, Ben. But you hold on too tight.”

A couple of paragliders, Charlene and Fran, are stuck in a tree, though not for long. A gust of wind launches them skyward before Ben and Otis can free them. They crash onto a rocky surface where Charlene lays on top of Fran's back. Her right hand has punctured Fran's belly. Charlene is using her hand to hold the busted artery in place. It's the only thing keeping Fran from bleeding out.

The docs get the couple back to the clinic where they both start crashing. Ben, Otis and Lily have no choice but to operate on both ladies simultaneously. Fran is sent to recovery where she tells Lily that Charlene has always been so clingy. Ironically, the fact that she held on so tight today is the only reason Fran survived. Thankfully, Ben's smile assures us that Charlene survived, too.

Charlie's mother, Teresa, shows up at the clinic after having been MIA for five years. She claims she skipped away after people she owed money to started threatening her family. Teresa says she is suffering from memory loss, fatigue and headaches, but Tommy believes she may be schizophrenic. That's not something Charlie is willing to accept. Tommy's diagnosis appears to be on the money though after Teresa has a psychotic breakdown in the middle of town.

Teresa needs more help than Tommy can give her. She's going away to a psychiatric hospital, but not before singing one last song to her heartbroken son. Later, Tommy shows up at Charlie's condo. He's tired of having a front row seat to the budding romance between Mina and omelet boy. Tommy needs a place to crash and Charlie could use a friend nearby.

After spending the night with Mateo, Lily wants to do the walk of shame home before his mom wakes up. But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to sneak past a team of cocaine farmers. Lily surprises Mateo by showing up at the harvest celebration. The dinner comes to an abrupt halt once Inez announces a storm is on the way. Everyone scrambles to get the crop into the barn. And when we say everyone, we mean Lily, too.

As was mentioned earlier, Ben Keeton likes to hold on tight to those he loves. However, he has no choice but to let go of Ryan as a chopper takes her away to start her journey to New York for a heart transplant. Ben seems to have a much easier time letting go of his employees. With venom in his voice, he tells Mina to get out of his clinic. She's fired.

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