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Episode 1.08 : It's a Leaf

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Episode Premiere

March 02, 2011





Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Shondaland Productions, ABC Studios

Cast and Crew


Ed Ornelas


Gabriel Llanas

Main Cast

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Lily and Otis are off to help three brothers who get trapped in a mine after digging for gold. The place is said to be cursed. Otis is lowered into the mine. He finds one brother with an injured leg and a rescue worker wearing the business end of a pickaxe. The youngest brother, Poni, attacked the rescue guy because he thought he was after his gold. His brother thinks he's gone mad because of the curse.

Otis knows the gas from the mine is making Poni paranoid. The injured men are pulled up the shaft. After Lily safely removes the axe from the rescue worker, Otis heads deeper into the mine to find Poni. The toxic gases are making the kid more and more unstable. Otis finds him taking whacks at a cave wall that houses a gas pocket. BOOM! There's an underground explosion. Lily wants Otis pulled to the surface immediately. The line comes up, but no one is on the other end.

Lily and Poni's older brother embarks on a rescue effort. Poni is hurt with internal injuries. Otis says he's fine until he realizes he can't see anything. He has extensive corneal burns that will heal in time. Back at the clinic, Otis tells Zee that he still curses himself for letting her go. Judging by the tears in Zee's eyes, it's obvious she still has feelings for him. Even with bad eyes, Otis can see it, too.

Morris is a radio jock from the States who is suffering from ALS. He sends his wife and daughter off to do some bird watching while Tommy treats him. Morris is already getting help from a jungle doctor who is curing his ALS through a stem cell transplant. The jungle doc gave him a makeshift catheter that caused an infection. That's because the alleged medicine man is a con artist selling false hope to a dying man.

Morris refuses to accept that his doc is a quack. He truly believes he'll be cured soon. His wife and daughter know that's not the case. Morris eventually realizes this, too. The quack doc shows up at the clinic attempting to bilk more money out of Morris, who would now like to punch the guy. But the patient is too weak. That's okay. Tommy's not. WHACK! Tommy decks the con man. Morris no longer has false hope, but Tommy makes him realize that he still has his family.

Mina is on OB-GYN duty with Zee. That's rough because she doesn't like babies. The pregnant women are allowed to practice the customs of their culture in the clinic. It encourages them to give birth with a doctor around just in case there are complications. Guess what? There's a complication with one of the pregnancies, so Mina springs into action. The baby is delivered and Mina cuts the umbilical cord. According to the culture, that means she just became the child's godmother.

Mina must now serve as a role model to the child for life. She ropes Tommy into joining her for the baby-naming ceremony. He's free since things with Alma aren't working out. Mina makes a deal with the sis of her new goddaughter's mommy to share in her duties. She then parties with Tommy to the point where they'll both be nursing a massive hangover come morning. Until then, Tommy and Mina will pass the time by kissing and rolling around in the brush.

Lily tells Poni's older brother that they found gold nuggets inside the kid's belly. Poni swallowed them in order to hide his stash. Lily knows the importance of family, but she tells the brother that it's also important to look out for oneself. That's why she ends things with Mateo. He claims the cocaine his family grows is just a leaf. Lily can't hang with that philosophy, so she has no choice but to kiss him goodbye.

Ben wants Ryan to go to New York for a heart transplant. Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Her entire life is at the clinic. But a heart-to-heart with Zee helps Ryan realize that it's not just her life she needs to take into consideration. She's going to New York. It's her best shot and she wants to take it, even if it means leaving Ben behind.

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