NYC Prep

Episode 1.02 : Flip of the Hair

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

June 30, 2009


Bravo TV



Show Period

2009 - 2009

Production Company

Stone & Company Entertainment

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

  • Taylor
  • Sebastian
  • PC
  • Kelli
  • Jessica
  • Camille


Sebastian meets up with Kelli and presents her with cupcakes before promptly telling her that he plans on having dinner with Taylor. Jessie begins organizing a fundraiser for Operation Smile and invites PC along but in true PC-fashion, he is late which annoys her. PC attends a session with his psychiatrist and reveals that he is bored with the people that are around him. He is bored with school and his mundane life and yearns for something more. Kelli and Camille gossip over Sebastian and Taylor having dinner and Camille convinces Kelli to talk to Sebastian. PC meets up with an old girlfriend to get insight on why his relationships are lacking. Jessie also finds out from PC that both Kelli and Camille are intimidated by her and believe her to be a bitch. Sebastian and Taylor kiss. Apparently kissing equates to hooking up among teenagers at non-elite prep schools in New York.

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