The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Episode 1.10 : Beautiful Day

The Nine Lives of Chloe King Poster

TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 16, 2011


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi

Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Chris Grismer


Ron McGee

Main Cast


Brian takes Chloe on a romantic road trip up the coast to check out the mysterious address he found. When they arrive, they are greeted by Brian's grandma, who explains why she hasn't been in Brian's life since he was four. Meanwhile, Chloe receives an email from her dad, saying he will be in San Francisco tonight. When Chloe and Brian leave, it is revealed that Brian's grandma is working with Simone. When she arrives home, Chloe tells Meredith that she thinks she's in love with Brian, but Alek overhears the conversation with his Mai powers and confronts Chloe. Meredith goes to a business dinner with Brian's dad while Chloe goes to meet up with her own father. Brian follows Chloe to a theater, but Chloe won't let him come in. Inside, she's met by assassins, who she defeats. Meanwhile, Zane attacks Valentina and Jasmine in their apartment and tells Alek that they are brothers. After defeating the goons, Chloe is confronted by Simone, who shoots Chloe and causes her to lose another life. Hearing the gunshots, Brian runs to try to save her. Brian kisses Chloe, but as she comes back to life, Brian dies in her arms.

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