The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Episode 1.02 : Redemption

The Nine Lives of Chloe King Poster

TV Info

Episode Premiere

June 21, 2011


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi

Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment

Cast and Crew


Chris Grismer


Dan Berendsen

Main Cast


After Xavier's death, Chloe struggles with her feelings of guilt, certain that it was her kiss that killed him. Chloe worries what will happen if she allows Brian to kiss her too. She meets Xavier's older brother, Gabriel, who also feels at fault for Xavier's death. He fears that his involvement in local drug dealing may have been the reason for his brother's demise. According to Xavier's final wishes, Gabriel wants to break free from the debt he owes the drug dealers-even if it means being killed. Despite Alek's insistence that she stay out of it, Chloe is determined to help Gabriel in the hope that the act will earn her forgiveness and closure. Chloe and Alek use their night-vision powers to defeat the thugs and help Gabriel get away safely. Alek warns Chloe against continuing to see Brian, but Chloe takes Meredith's advice not to allow Xavier's death to close her off to new experiences.

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