The New Adventures of Old Christine

Episode 5.18 : Revenge Makeover

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 14, 2010





Show Period

2006 - 2010

Production Company

Warner Bros. TV

Cast and Crew


Andy Ackerman


Tricia O'Kelley, Alex Kapp Horner

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Scott Bakula as Jeff 'Papa Jeff' Hunter
  • Joel McKinnon Miller
  • Alexandra Ella
  • Christina J. Chang


When Richard decides to throw New Christine a surprise wedding, Christine is excited she'll get to see Papa Jeff (played by Scott Bakula) while she's at her peak - she has a boyfriend, she's looking good, etc. Her excitement turns to panic after Christine takes New Christine to a salon for a day of beauty, and Christine's hair gets fried. Fortunately, the Meanie Moms arrive and know how to "fix" Christine's hair; unfortunately, they turn her into a clone of them.

Meanwhile, Papa Jeff has arrived and told Richard there's no way he's marrying his daughter. They end up fighting but when New Christine arrives home, she puts an end to it. While Richard apologizes to New Christine, Old Christine has a chance to flirt with Papa Jeff. He's quite taken with her as a blonde and she's become a vixen with him. However, her plan to lure him into falling in love with her and then telling him she has a boyfriend goes awry when she realizes he just wants to fool around and isn't going to fall in love.

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