The New Adventures of Old Christine

Episode 4.21 : The Old Maid of Honor

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 13, 2009





Show Period

2006 - 2010

Production Company

Warner Bros. TV

Cast and Crew


Andy Ackerman


Jeff Astrof, Kari Lizer

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Constance Zimmer
  • Lee Tergesen


It's the rehearsal dinner and Christine is excited for "her big day". She has what she thinks is an hilarious speech and gets New Christine all charged up to hear it. Richard is concerned that she'll be upset because he's moving on and she's alone, but Christine insists she's fine. She's invited Todd Watsky to be her date and the more Richard expresses concern the more she inflates their relationship. Todd Watsky turns out to be a jackass, and walks away when he realizes Christine was using him to make Richard jealous. Barb consoles Christine and ultimately Christine realizes she is upset about Richard moving on, but is genuinely happy for him and New Christine.

Matthew meets New Christine's sister Amy and they end up hooking up at the rehearsal dinner.

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