NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Episode 9.22 : Playing with Fire

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 01, 2012





Show Period

2003 - now

Production Company

CBS, Paramount, Belisarius Prod., thinkfilm

Cast and Crew


Dennis Smith


George Schenck, Frank Cardea

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Joel Gretsch as NCIS Special Agent Stan Burley
  • Nigel Gibbs
  • Elizabeth Ho


With the Navy on high alert to a terrorist attack, NCIS get news of the thermite explosion aboard the USS Brewer and learn that the arsonist, a civilian mechanic, was killed in his own blaze. Meanwhile, as the team continues to investigate the Bruce Johnson case, they discover Korean-scripted documents in Johnson's house as well as in the mechanic's quarters aboard the Brewer, thereby connecting the two attacks and suggesting the North Koreans could be behind it all. However, the team realizes the Korean script is merely a front for coded instructions of where to attack and when by an unknown employer. NCIS Agent and former Gibb's protege Stan Burley (from #106) contacts the team about the discovery of thermite in Italy and suggests the next attack might go down onboard a nuclear aircraft carrier stationed there. Tony and Ziva jet off to Italy and pose as crewmen aboard the ship in order to capture the arsonist, who admits to being hired by Harper More...Dearing, CEO of a technology empire. When Gibbs tries to arrest Dearing at his corporate office, it turns out the man hasn't been seen or heard from in over a year, and suddenly, Dearing has become NCIS' most wanted man.

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