Episode 1.15 : Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Shatters

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

December 10, 2005


Cartoon Network, Viz Media


Animation, Action, Adventure

Show Period

2002 - 2008

Production Company

Studio Pierrot Co. Ltd.

Cast and Crew


Hayato Date


Marc Handler

Main Cast

  • Steve Blum
  • Maile Flanagan
  • Steve Staley
  • Nana Mizuki
  • Kentaro Ito
  • Yasuyuki Kase
  • Koichi Tochika
  • Akiko Koike
  • Rumi Ochiai
  • Naoki Sakata
  • Nozomu Sasaki
  • Richard Cansino
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Liam O'Brien
  • Robbie Rist
  • Stephanie Sheh

Additional Cast

  • Robbie Rist


Kakashi understands the situation of the battle. For a ninja, battle experience is an absolute necessity and Naruto and Sasuke lack the experience to defeat Haku, who has fought numerous battles alongside Zabuza. Realizing time is of the essence, Kakashi decides to use Sharingan once again to defeat Zabuza. But Zabuza dismisses Kakashi by claiming that "Sharingan (mirror wheel eyes) will no longer work against me." Zabuza is a ninja that has also experienced many killing battles. From his first encounter against the Sharingan, Zabuza has already devised a strategy against it. What is the "strategy" that Zabuza takes?

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