Mystery Girls

Episode 1.10 : The Killer Returns

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Episode Premiere

August 27, 2014


ABC Family



Show Period

2014 - 2014

Cast and Crew


Michael Lenbeck


Andy Gordon

Main Cast


In "The Killer Returns," Nick freaks out when he learns that Zanucci (Anthony Bonaventura), the murderer in the mob hit he witnessed, has struck again. Worried about his safety, Nick must admit that the mobster knows he saw everything and can now find him, thanks to the new Mystery Girls commercial. Holly & Charlie find Zanucci at a local spa and turn him over to the cops, confident that Nick is now safe and Holly can concentrate on her efforts to snag Detective Duane (Ryan McPartlin). But when the detectives return to the office, they discover the case isn't quite solved and they must act quickly in order to save their loved ones. Meanwhile, when Charlie's husband Michael (Adam Mayfield) hears she's hunting a killer, his concern for her safety prompts her to consider a different path.

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