My Name Is Earl

Episode 1.12 : O Karma, Where Art Thou?

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 12, 2006





Show Period

2005 - 2009

Production Company

Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Ken Whittingham, Marc Buckland


Greg Garcia

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Lindsay Hollister
  • Jeremy Howard
  • Jessica Cauffiel
  • Scott Freeburg
  • Tyler Kain
  • Adria Dawn


While putting on a winter coat, Earl finds a wallet in the pocket and realizes he needs to make good on No. 202, 'Stole a wallet from a guy at a gas station.'

A couple of years ago, Earl stole a guy's wallet from a gas station bathroom. He waited until the guy sat in the stall next to his and he reached under and grabbed it.

Earl, Randy and Joy took the $1000 from the wallet and went on a shopping spree. Earl says they have to return all the stolen items. They get the money back from reselling all the stolen goods and Earl and Randy return the wallet with the money.

Unfortunately for Earl, the money he stole from the guy, Jeff, was going to be for his honeymoon. Jeff and his wife had to cancel their plans. Earl says he'll cover for Jeff at work so they can take a week off and finally get the honeymoon they deserve.

Earl starts working at Stars fast food. But the boss, Mr. Patrick (Jon Favreau) is a complete jerk and bosses Earl around. Earl's never been good with authority, but he sucks it up for Jeff and assumes that karma will take over and get Mr. Patrick in the long run.

Earl is at his wits end, but still believes karma will intervene and give Mr. Patrick what's coming to him. Earl is dismayed, however, when he finds out that Mr. Patrick has a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood with a beautiful wife, and no problems whatsoever.

Earl decides to investigate and keep a closer eye on Mr. Patrick. He finds him stealing from the register, hitting cars with his door, and cheating on his wife.

Earl finally loses it and knocks Mr. Patrick out for treating him like crap. Because Mr. Patrick went to the hospital, his wife and lovers show up and he gets busted. Mrs. Patrick also finds out about him stealing from the register and then calls the cops

Earl feels terrible about ruining Mr. Patrick's life, but he quickly realizes that karma may have borrowed his fists to do what was right. In addition, Mrs. Patrick takes over the restaurant and makes Jeff the manager. Everyone gets raises, everyone makes out better and everyone gets what they deserve. Karma!

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