The Millers

Episode 1.07 : The Talk

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 14, 2013





Show Period

2013 - 2014

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


James Burrows


Stephnie Weir

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Casey Wilson
  • Ginger Gonzaga
  • Neto DePaula Pimenta
  • Danny Vasquez


Ray finally convinces Nate to go to a club to pick up girls, but when Nate brings a girl home, Carol accidentally interrupts them as they are about to have sex. After Carol leaves his room, Nate finds it too uncomfortable to have sex knowing his mother is in the other room. The next morning when Carol finds out that Nate sent his date home, she tells Tom that she thinks something is wrong with Nate and their conversation leads to Carol asking Tom if he ever had the sex talk with Nate when he was a teenager. Tom reveals that he didn't, and Carol theorizes that because they never had the talk, Nate now feels uncomfortable around the topic of sex. She decides she needs to have an intervention with Nate to talk to him about sex so that he no longer feels like it's a taboo subject. Nate is horrified when Carol and the rest of the adults confront him, but he soon reveals that he feels uncomfortable because he thinks Carol will look down on him for having casual sex.

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