The Middle

Episode 5.12 : The Carpool

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Episode Premiere

January 22, 2014




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


Julie Anne Robinson


Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Rachel Dratch
  • Jen Ray
  • Pat Finn
  • Alphonso McAuley
  • Troy Metcalf


With the bus drivers on strike, Principal Barker (Rachel Dratch) asks the parents to form carpools to get the kids to and from school. But with time management not being one of Frankie's strong suits, her carpool kids find themselves facing the possibility of being on the receiving end of some tardy slips - which could ruin their chances of being invited to the "No Tardy Party." Meanwhile, Axl hits the books and becomes an expert in Astronomy - a class he's not even taking - in order to tutor a hot student, and when Mike receives two IU basketball tickets, he tries to find someone to accompany him to the game, not realizing that Sue really wants to go with him.

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