The Mentalist

Episode 3.06 : Pink Chanel Suit

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Episode Premiere

October 28, 2010





Show Period

2008 - 2015

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Eric Laneuville


Ken Woodruff

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Aunjanue Ellis
  • Keri Lynn Pratt
  • Marc Worden


Jane and the CBI are brought in to investigate a murder that took place inside a large – and well guarded – family compound. The prime suspect is a young heiress to the wealthy family, Abby, who disappeared the night that her boyfriend, Austin Marr, was murdered. However, the family has enemies… perhaps Abby was kidnapped, and her boyfriend an accidental casualty. This theory is complicated by the intense security surrounding the estate – the guards insist no-one could get in or out, so the murderer must still be inside the compound. Jane has a theory: that Abby was killed, not kidnapped, and that her body is hidden. He insists that Abby's body will be found in the casket of Ethel Sebring, the family matriarch who recently died of cancer, but he causes significant embarrassment when he interrupts the family's funeral with this news, only to reveal that Abby's body is not in the casket. Despite this, Jane is persistent and finally catches the killer – Dr. Saban, who had been caring for Ethel. The doctor had taken advantage of Abby while she was mourning her grandmother's death, and began illegally selling her prescription drugs. Abby OD'd and her boyfriend Marr was a witness, so Saban killed Marr and hid Abby's drug-filled body to prevent his illegal actions from being uncovered.

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