The Mentalist

Episode 2.05 : Red Scare

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Episode Premiere

October 29, 2009





Show Period

2008 - 2015

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Lesli Linka Glatter


Ken Woodruff

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Derk Cheetwood
  • Ron Canada
  • Frances Fisher
  • Matthew John Armstrong
  • Michael McMillian
  • Christina Chang


The death of Alan Foster at the Beckworth Mansion has some locals saying that the ghost of Walter Beckworth was responsible for Foster's death. Not a believer in ghosts, Jane is intrigued by the haunting, but knows he'll figure out the logical explanation. Alan bought the house from Victoria Abner when the property taxes became too much for her and was planning the remodel when he was murdered. The questioning of Alan's wife, Lillian, initially points the investigation towards Victoria but she later reveals that she was on the property the same night. Alan had an affair the year before and Lily was checking up on him to see if he was home alone but left before the murder took place. Through his research, Jane discovers that Beckworth had a treasure hidden in the mansion and sets a trap for the killer. Taking the bait, Victoria Abner's nephew, Drew, reveals himself and confesses to the murder. While the team enjoys their case closed pizza, Jane surprises them with the Beckworth treasure, a very rare and expensive bottle of wine. On the personal front, Rigsby and Van Pelt declare their feelings for each other.

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