Make It or Break It

Episode 1.05 : Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 20, 2009


ABC Family



Show Period

2009 - 2012

Production Company

Super Delicious Productions

Cast and Crew


Steve Miner


Holly Sorensen

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Rosa Blasi


The Rock moms come up with an idea to raise money for the trip to Nationals: a mother-daughter fashion show.

Kaylie and Lauren are psyched -- and for the same reason. Both want to impress Carter. Of course, Lauren doesn't tell Kaylie that she lost her virginity to him, but she does tell Carter she wants to be his friend with benefits.

Payson's mortified that she has to dress up for the fashion show, but Sasha hopes it will help her be more confident of her femininity. Meanwhile, Emily's too busy working at The Shack to worry about the fashion show. Although she does face a distraction at work: Damon. There's definite chemistry between them, and when Damon kisser her, Emily melts.

Back at The Rock, Summer sees Lauren kiss Carter on the cheek and asks Steve if he's ever had "The Talk" with Lauren. The answer's a resounding no. So, at a rehearsal of the fashion show, Summer tells Lauren about her own regrets over being named "Biggest Flirt" in high school. Lauren's shocked to find out that "goodie-goodie" Summer has a past, and it looks like the two are starting to bond, until...

...the night of the fashion show.

When Lauren sees Kaylie working it on the runway -- and Carter's reaction -- she decides to steal Emily's sexy outfit. Summer tries to stop her, but Lauren goes out and sashays for Carter. It's brash. It's brazen. And it's totally Lauren.

With her outfit hijacked, Emily refuses to hit the runway in Lauren's "business casual" look -- until her mom asks, "What would Carrie Bradshaw do?" Moments later, Emily struts out, dressed in a black jacket and red heels. She's the star of the show, and the outfit wins the highest bid -- made by Damon. After the show, Damon brings Emily flowers and tells her she's no ordinary Rock girl.

The fashion show's over, but the drama isn't.

Summer and Steve confront Lauren about stealing Emily's dress, but she shrugs it off. Steve then tells Summer that Lauren's mom isn't really working in Darfur -- she's an addict who abandoned Lauren. So some light is shed on why Lauren's as tough as she is -- but does it excuse her behavior? Maybe. Until she tells Kaylie's mom about Kaylie's plam to have sex with Carter after the fashion show.

Later that night, Carter sneaks into Kaylie's room... but, before they can do anything, they're interrupted ny Kaylie's mom. Carter hides in the closet, and Ronnie and Kaylie have a really wonderful mother-daughter talk. Without revealing that she knows about Kaylie's plans with Carter, Ronnie says, "Real love will wait, but certain opportunities won't."

After Ronnie leaves, Carter comes out hiding and tells Kaylie he agrees with her mom. With that, he tucks her into bed and departs.

Real love will have to wait. But will Lauren?

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