Mad Love

Episode 1.11 : The Secret Life of Larry

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 02, 2011





Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Sony Pictures Television, CBS TV Studios

Cast and Crew


Gail Mancuso


Peter Begler

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Drake Kemper
  • Charlene Amoia
  • Bennet Guillory
  • Noah Lomax
  • Pat Crawford Brown


Kate gets upset after Ben embarrasses her by telling everyone in their office building that she was wearing her new shower radio around her neck, not knowing it was meant to hang from the showerhead. After confronting Ben, she decides to point out a lot of Ben's flaws, which causes him get flustered in court, lose his case and ruin his perfect court record. Larry borrows Connie's camera and ends up losing it. Since the camera has lots of important pictures on it, Connie demands that Larry takes her to every place he visited the day before in an effort to find it. They eventually find the camera at Larry's ex-girlfriend's apartment, a single mother who has a son that Larry still spends time with. Connie is happy to get her camera back and is surprised to learn that there is more to Larry than she thought.

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