Mad Love

Episode 1.09 : Pub Quiz

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 18, 2011





Show Period

2011 - 2011

Production Company

Sony Pictures Television, CBS TV Studios

Cast and Crew


Lee Shallat Chemel


Rob Sheridan

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Blake Griffin
  • Scott Beehner
  • Nicole Paggi
  • Eric Artell
  • Robert Keith Wyatt


Ben and Larry are forced to try and sign a young obnoxious client to the firm who is making them jump through hoops to get his business. Larry is even more annoyed when the client insists on meeting the same night as their Pub Quiz, an event in which he and Ben regularly participate and dominate. After they almost miss the quiz Larry tells off the client. He and Ben argue over this but ultimately they realize the bigger priority is their friendship. Fortunately, the client respects them for having the strength to stand up to him and signs with the firm. Connie has a bad back. In an effort to help cure her, Kate convinces her to go to a spa. During their massages, the masseuse compliments Connie and insults Kate. An annoyed Kate complains to Connie who is angry that Kate for once can't let her be the center of attention. After arguing the two realize they are getting older, but happy with it.

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