The Lying Game

Episode 1.08 : Never Have I Ever

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Episode Premiere

October 03, 2011


ABC Family



Show Period

2011 - 2013

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television

Cast and Crew


Norman Buckley


Mark Driscoll

Main Cast


Emma is on edge with everyone, including Ethan, because her foster brother Travis is in town and blackmailing her. Travis promises to leave without blowing Emma's cover if she helps him steal jewelry from the Mercers' home. In order to get rid of Travis, Emma deceivingly gives him costume jewelry she received from Char. Unfortunately, Ethan witnesses Travis lean in to Emma for an unwelcomed kiss during the exchange, and he gets the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Mads returns to the hospital to learn Eduardo has been sent to a long term specialty care center.

Ted and Kristin confront Laurel about finding her in bed with Justin, but she insists nothing happened. Ted convinces Kristin to accompany him on a weekend getaway, and Laurel volunteers Emma to throw a party while their parents are gone. Thayer tells Emma his relationship with Sutton was a mistake, and he explains how he asked Sutton to leave but has not heard from her since. While at the party Char begins a drinking game of “Never Have I Ever,” and Ethan tries to trick Emma into saying that she kissed a guy in order to find out what the deal is with Travis.

Meanwhile, Sutton is stuck in a Las Vegas juvenile detention center and makes an attempt to call home, but she can't get through. Sutton, anxious to get out of juvie, writes a letter to her parents stating that Emma has stolen her identity. Shortly after, Sutton is anonymously bailed out and gets a ride from Lexi, Emma's best friend.

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