Episode 1.08 : Part Eight

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April 20, 2014





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2014 - Now

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Pilgrim Studios

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After being out of rehab for nearly five months, Lindsay finally feels like she's settling into life in New York. Before shooting a magazine cover, she is interviewed by her friend Jared Leto for a film he's directing. Lindsay also meets with a literary agent about a tell-all she's considering writing.

Lindsay and her brother Michael host a launch party for Just Sing It, a smartphone app that allows users to post videos of themselves singing. Even though Lindsay is surrounded by alcohol, she says she's come to terms with being at parties and staying sober.

Then, Lindsay travels to China to receive a fashion award before heading to the Sundance Film Festival, where she announces her involvement in a new film, Inconceivable.

Back in New York, Matt announces he's heading back to Los Angeles. Six weeks later, he returns to help Lindsay get ready for her appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. Finally, as the docuseries comes to an end, Lindsay reflects on what she has learned.

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