Episode 1.06 : Part Six

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Episode Premiere

April 13, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Pilgrim Studios

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Main Cast


In the process of penning her autobiography, Dina Lohan heads to Lindsay's apartment with her ghostwriter in tow. Lindsay is surprisingly candid, opening up about the struggles she faced at home and with her father.

Foxwoods Resort Casino invites Lindsay to be the co-host of their Halloween bash, which will be her first public appearance since leaving rehab. With her mother, Dina, and her brother Michael by her side, Lindsay does her best to navigate the alcohol-saturated venue.

Later, a large crew travels to Manhattan to shoot Lindsay for the cover of Elle Indonesia's anniversary edition. When Lindsay misses her call time, the crew becomes concerned that there won't be enough light, and agrees to push the shoot to later in the week. On the second day of shooting, Lindsay shows up in good spirits, but they aren't able to complete shooting before the sun sets. Four days later, when Elle Indonesia attempts to finally finish the shoot, Lindsay's late appearance further flusters the crew.

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