Episode 1.03 : Part Three

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Episode Premiere

March 23, 2014





Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Pilgrim Studios

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Main Cast


Lindsay and her entourage begin the arduous task of moving her mountain of possessions into her apartment. The tension between Lindsay and her assistant, Matt, is palpable, but despite his attempts to communicate his concerns, she refuses to give him the time he's requesting to clear the air.

Then, when the production team arrives to shoot, Lindsay refuses to let them upstairs. After some negotiation, Lindsay agrees to appear on camera if the crew will help her organize her apartment.

Taking a break from unpacking, Lindsay and life coach A.J. Johnson grab lunch. A.J. tries to get Lindsay to delve into her personal problems, but Lindsay launches into a diatribe on production and says she never set out to be a reality star.

Oprah visits with Lindsay at Dina's house on Long Island. In an intense heart-to-heart, Oprah confronts Lindsay about her behavior and the future of the show. Will Lindsay be able to keep her commitment to sobriety and to the docuseries?

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